Sunday, April 13, 2008

What I'm Hoping to Experience

I'm a big list-maker. I'm not quite sure what it is, but if you were to see my desk at the moment, I have about 3 list going simultaneously. That, coupled with the overwhelming amount of school work left to be completed before graduation means that almost of all of my thoughts about this trip come in list format. Here then is my list of things I'm hoping to do while in Dubai and Tanzania....

* See the World of Islands.
* Put my feet in the Arabian Gulf.
* Ask for a "water with lemon" in Arabic.
* Smoke a sheesha at Sheesha Courtyard.
* Buy raw silk and cotton at Bur Dubai Souq.
* Hear the call to prayer.
* Meet people at an Arabian mid-night bbq.
* Watch a camel race.
* Visit the Heritage House.

* Make it to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.
* Learn traditional Masai dance.
* Converse in basic conversations in Swahili.
* Eat home-made Ugali.
* See East African animals in the wild.... lion, giraffe, elephant, etc.
* Attend a Rwandan genocide trial.
* Drink fresh coconut milk.
* Snorkel in the Indian Ocean.
* Smell the scents of Zanzibar.
* Walk the streets of DES and Arusha.
* Sleep under the stars on Mt. Kilimanjaro.
* Teach Masai women English.
* Play tag with the children at Jane's.
* Read the book, Charlotte's Web, to the children at Jane's.
* Tuck little kid's into bed with a kiss on their nose at Jane's.
* Shower outdoors.

I'm sure more will come. I'll try to update as I think of them.