Sunday, July 13, 2008

Giving Thanks

The Four M's: Michelle, Morgan, Megan, and Magnus. Our friend Texas Lindsey said it best when she said that tough times breed strong friendships. The four of us worked diligently at the orphanage and became the best of friends. It's a group of people I will forever call family and plan on traveling around the world to visit and volunteer with. Knock, knock.... knock.

Besides Megan, my other roomate in the hostel was Morgan. The three of us were very compatible roomates and fed off each other's energy. Here, Morgan and I ham it up with the glasses we found while sorting clothes.
Mitch and Jake, friends from Wisconsin, were great travel companions for Megan and I. Here, Megan and Mitch pose near one of the twin waterfalls during our hike in Moshi.
My dear, Esuphat, always ready with a beautiful smile and warm hug.

Despite all of the frustrations and difficulties Megan and I endured in Arusha, I had a really great time. Each day, after I finished journaling, I made an attempt to write down the things I was thankful for. The following is my complete list of things I was thankful for while in Tanzania (written directly as I wrote it in my journal.... in order from arrival to departure):

*Dad's sleeping bag.
*E-mails from home.
*My health.
*Y. helping Megan and I with our cell phones.
*Drinking Propel.
*The boys walking behind us in town.
*Yummy fish dinner.
*Internet and phone card time.
*Overall friendliness of others.
*Subsiding homesickness.
*Good food.
*Beautiful beach and weather.
*Friendly conversations with Pastor and his Kenyan guests.
*A comfortable bed and good night's sleep.
*Calls from Evan.
*Pastor's family's love and support.
*Bob and Mr. Courtney's help in dealing with the volunteer program.
*VPGC's support.
*Hot shower and a good meal for dinner.
*Evan's love.
*Friendly roomates.
*Sunny weather.
*Internet cafe that allowed me to post pictures.
*Video of the kids singing.
*Evan's continued growth and independence.
*Beautiful weather.--- Being able to see Mt. Meru.
*Hugs from Esuphat.
*Friendly conversations with friends in the evening.
*Good food for lunch at the Cinema.
*Getting to work intently with the kids.
*The sun coming out and the temperature warming up.
*Jake and Mitch's companionship.
*Good hiking gear.
*This opportunity.
*Beauty in nature.
*3 1/2 hour nap.
*Diarrhea being gone.
*Caring friends.
*Evan's laughter.
*Great, funny friends.
*My health.
*Evan's phone calls.
*Megan, Morgan, and Magnus.
*My health.
*Hugs from the kids.
*Time to read my book.
*Phone call from Evan yesterday.