Saturday, May 31, 2008

Final Day in Dubai

Only a few minutes left on the internet. We had a wonderful last day in Dubai today. We visited the largest mosque in Dubai (check out our pictures), visited a local book store (I picked up three traditional Arabic children's books that are written in English), visited a local mall, and then headed over to the Madinat Jumeriah. The Madinat Jumeriah is a hotel resort that is full of airconditioned souqs. We primarily wandered around, but we didn't buy anything because everything was over-priced and unrelated to Arabic culture. We ended the day with an incredible Lebanese meal--- a special treat from Nasser.

We're off to Dar Es Salaam tomorrow morning at 10:50 Dubai time. It might be a few days before we have internet access. We might, however, have cell phones by tomorrow evening (tomorrow morning for you), so answer all strange phone calls.

Shout outs:
Dad- I love that you're my "blog buddy." I was tempted to by you a traditional Arabic outfit today, but realized how expensive it was and passed. Sorry!
Melissa- Share the pictures with the boys! It can be a neat little virtual field trip. Give them BIG hugs from me.


Moore family said...

Hey Michelle,
It's so great to be able to follow your travels on your blog! We're thinking of both of you during this grand adventure. Stay safe and have a wonderful time!