Monday, June 2, 2008

In Dar Es Salaam

It's Monday, June 2nd, at 4:34 PM and we're hitting up our first African internet cafe. It's costing us 7 cents for thirty minutes of internet use. Although it's cheap, we'll probably only be accessing the internet once a day because we can't travel around the city without our local guide.

We've been here since yesterday evening and are just barely starting to settle in. The homesickness and culture shock tore over Megan and I like a wave yesterday when we walked out of the DES airport. We both miss home, but our nerves were calmed when we called home last night. We're planning on purchasing more air time for our cell phones this evening, as we only bought 1 hour originally.

We've started learning Swahili and have been taken on a tour of DES. The city reminds me of Belize City, Belize. It's not horribly rural or "destitute," but definitely not like anywhere I've ever lived. It reminds me of a poor city in the US during the 70's or 80's, but with little paved roads. Many Tanzanians walk the streets frequently. The people we've encountered have all been friendly and kind. We're being very safe with our personal items and aren't traveling anywhere alone.

Tomorrow we're having more Swahili classes and then visiting a local museum where we'll learn about the more than 150 tribes in Tanzania.

Shout outs:
* Moore Family-- Good to hear from you guys! I'm learning a lot about third world travel that I'm sure you might have experienced in Guatemala.

PS: Keep the comments coming. They're very helpful in dealing with the homesickness!


Jenna said...

Hey Michelle!
I miss you soo much! It sounds like your haveing a great time in Africa i can't wait for you to come home so i can see all the great pictures and videos. and of course hear all the awesome stories im sure you'll have to tell! Im honestly counting down the days tell you come home! 67 more days!!! The phone never rings anymore :(. Mom's been trying to call you today but is haveing trouble figureing it out! And i think you called jess and i the other day but we were both in the gaurd chair at work. sorry we missed your call!. Well its sounds like your trip has been most definetly worth while so far and im sure it will only get better from here on out! love & Miss you a ton!!


Nasser said...

7 cent internet! that is cheaap!! does not even compare to our 75 dharms per 30 min in dubai!! hope u ladies are having a fun time...i miss u gals already. And as you can see I wrote my name with 2 S, because thats the right way :) ciao!

ps. I watching TV today..and a show was talking about dubai..and had our hotel picture in the background...

LifeTrek Coaching said...

Hey, Michelle, we're thinking about you from Bosnia. Sounds like you are doing well. Glad to hear that you're safe and being careful. We tried to call a number your parents sent us, but couldn't get through. Perhaps you had no more minutes on your phone. If you talk to Evan, tell him to email us your phone number just to make sure we have the right one (or email it to us directly). If Evan calls you, he should use Skype Out (rather than his cell phone). We love you, lots and lots. We'll be home on Friday. Bob and Megan.