Wednesday, June 18, 2008


A quick update. Megan, of course, did a beautiful capturing our day today. Read the post above for her insight into our trip.

I've started linking the blogs of the volunteers we've befriended while here in Tanzania. It might be interesting to read the blogs of our friends to hear their opinions and perspectives on life in Tanzania.

Yes, it's true, I found out today that it's possible for Westerner's to adopt Tanzanian children. The biggest hurdle a Westerner has to overcome is residency. Essentially, a Westerner must live in Tanzania for 6 consecutive months. As soon as I heard this, along with a comment that the Orphanage Director is open to volunteers adopting double orphans from the Village, my wheels began spinning. I immediately e-mailed Evan when I got to the internet today and am hoping to have a good conversation with him about this. There are obvious pros and cons to adopting at 24, but my heart leans towards adoption. I have a feeling, though, that Evan will end up being my source of reason and put the kibosh on this for the time being. There are two kids, Musa and Clinton, however, who've won me over. I'm trying not to get ahead of myself and really waiting until I talk to Evan and the Orphanage Director about the realities of adoption.


Mom said...

Hold on girl! Get thru this experience first before you make another life changing decision. I'm not saying never, and I'll support whatever you do, but I hope Evan is the voice or reason that now is not the time. You two are now in the middle of life changing moves, (new job, new place to live, and the change from the care free life of a student to working adult) you need time to adjust to all of that. I know I'm the damp clothe on everything but I'm trying to tell you to learn from the experience your in right now, don't bite off more than you can chew.
Are things better for real? I'm very concerned for you and how this is affecting your loving, caring personlity. (I'm the mother it's my job to worry)
Things are good here, weather great, and your MomMom is having shoulder replacement surgery on July 1st.
I'll call you later.
Love ya Mom