Monday, June 23, 2008

Picture Update

Megan and I in hour 3 of our 7 hour hike in Kilimanjaro National Park.

Sweet, sweet Musa-Luca. His father is currently dying of AIDS and skin cancer. He is bed-ridden and will most likely die this summer. When completing a school project, Musa-Luca commented that he wanted to grow up and become a doctor. May all of his dreams come true.


The Commins Family said...

Hey! I've tried a zillion times to post a message but mine never go through! Scott wants to know how long you've had this diarrhea and if the cipro helped. We can try to help via blog if possible! Hate that you're suffering - but just think of all that you are doing to better this world. Hang in there! Grace and Andy send their love.

The Commins Family said...

Scott here. Just read your posts and am trying to create a timeline. Common things being common, I suspect you're getting contamination from some place you're not thinking about (not to insult your thinking) - but it can be as easy as the bit of water you get when you brush your teeth. You might simply be more sensitive to the exposure you get from eating the food. I'm not suspicious about the bug bite because it sounds like the diarrhea started before you were bitten by the giant bug. Keep your shoes on - I trust you are. We can debate your bowel health all day on the blog, but you should also feel free to email me directly at

Feel better!