Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pictures from DES

Megan and I after a long day of sight-seeing in DES.

Local fishermen in DES bringing in their catch off the Indian Ocean. The ocean produce (anything from shrimp, to fish, to starfish) is brought in by the men and then auctioned off to the women. The women then place the produce into buckets (commonly carried on their heads) and then take it to the fish market to cook and resell.

Megan and I with the other volunteers at the local fish market.

Megan and I eating lunch at a local restaurant. In order to avoid upset stomachs, we ordered the plain chips (fries) and plain rice. We weren't as daring as our friends who ordered ugali, the local food staple (very similar to bland cream of wheat).

Megan and I at the "agricultural market." This market had formally been the largest market in all of East Africa. It is currently used as a central location for the selling and trading of agricultural products in DES.


Jessica Hennick said...

Hey shell! I miss you so much...I've been busy at work. Swim team started this week so I have been working 13 hour days at poco this week! Killer! So I am trying to catch up on your adventure.
I am so glad you are safe and sound. Even though it sounds like it is hard at times I am still jealous of your trip. It really makes me want to get out and explore and see what else is out.
Lets see any good gossip...Amy got a cat and all knew stuff for her apartment. Her and Allison are going to Las Vegas to celebrate Allsion's leaving. If she gets mad she might get mad, but Amy is being miss playa and has two men! A model and piolet! As you would say..."You Go Girl!" haha
Well I hope this puts a smile on your face and I love you and miss you terribly!
Be safe!
Jess :)